Helping us improve the translations for in your language does not actually require you to do any translating! By simply upvoting the best translations and downvoting the incorrect ones, you will help us select the best translations.

Before starting, please read the tips below to make sure your work is not wasted and that the translations end up being great and consistent.

Sign up on Crowdin

First, you need to sign up on Crowdin (it’s free).

Then, go to, click on your language then start upvoting (and downvoting if needed). If a translation is missing, or you have a better one to suggest, feel free to write one.


Please read the following tips to make sure your work is not wasted and the translations end up being great and consistent.


Make sure you read the context for each string on Crowdin (it is hidden by default and is positioned just under the English source string). While contexts often look like paths, e.g. “setup -> guide -> platforms -> android -> guides -> private -> title”, they may sometimes include other relevant information.

Formal vs. informal

Some languages have more than one way of addressing someone. Use the following:


If your language is not listed, please talk to us before translating. We tend to match what Google uses (open in Incognito mode).

Setup guides

For menus, buttons and other platform-specific texts mentioned in the setup guides, you must use the same translations that the platform uses. For instance, “Private DNS” on Android in French is called “DNS privé”.

Tech terms

For tech terms (like “cryptojacking” or “DNS Rebinding”), our suggestion is to figure out how the popular tech press in your language usually name those. Wikipedia can also be a good way to figure this out (when available).


Some source strings contain tags like {{tag}} or <n>text</n>. Make sure the spaces before and after those tags is correct and match the source string in English.

Anything inside {{ and }} should NOT be translated.

For <n>text</n> tags, you should make sure that whatever word(s) is inside those tags in the source string ends up being inside those tags in the translation.

Be aware that Crowdin suggestions often incorrectly add spaces around tags.


Capitalizing the right way is important. English tends to capitalize each word of a term (also known as Title Case), e.g. “Typosquatting Protection”, whereas most other languages only capitalize the first letter (“Protection contre le typosquattage” in French).

Make sure you stay consistent and use the right type of capitalization for your language.


Make sure you use the right punctuation (and the right spacing around them) for your language. For example, English uses “abc” for quoting and French uses « abc ». Wikipedia is a good source of truth for those rules.