Use Cases

The DNS API can be used to quickly:

  • find all domains containing a certain keyword or brand name
  • find all domains currently or historically pointing to an IP address (or subnet)
  • find all the IP addresses a domain currently or historically pointed to
  • find all domains with a specific name server
  • find all the subdomains of a domain
  • find all the domains with a specific email address in their SOA record
  • … and much more


€499/month — 10,000 queries/month
€1,999/month — 50,000 queries/month
€2,999/month — 100,000 queries/month
€6,999/month — 500,000 queries/month
€9,999/month — 1,000,000 queries/month

Talk to us at to set up the subscription and get your API key.

Threat intelligence partners get free or discounted access to the DNS API.


Authenticate by passing your API key as Bearer token in the Authorization header, or by passing your API key as a key parameter in the query string.

The DNS API is available without authentication for testing purposes (up to 10 API calls per day).